A propos de l'auteur koller

Laurent KOLLER
Pays : France
Code Postal : 78240


Quelques mots sur moi

French, Paris.
My favorite quote : " "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonard De Vinci.
Black and white paintings and " kollages " :
2nd place in the Showdown on Saatchi online with the painting " Mahal Kita ". Dec 2010
" Top 10 artists " the critic's choice on Saatchi online by Rebecca Geldard june 2008
Solo exhibitions:
Fire gallery. Paris 2010
Conference center Edouard VII. Paris 2009
Le soleil bleu gallery. Versailles 2008/2006/2004
Ittierre France. Paris.2008
Planet gallery. Magnac Laval. 2007
Visken gallery. Lyon. 2007
Eric Chesnais gallery. Alençon 2007/2006
Groups exhibitions:
Saatchi gallery. Showdown finalists. London. 2010
Larcade gallery. Paris 2010
9+ Group. Montluçon. France. 2010/2009/2008/2007/2006/1993
Bernard Mourier gallery. St Rémy de provence. 2010
FPL gallery. Royan 2010/2009
Katapult gallery. Basel. Switzerland. 2010/2009
Japan : Kyoto and Saitama.International exhibition 2008
Daniel Besseiche gallery. Paris/Dinard/Courchevel 2008/2009
The Bricklane gallery. " Lost and found " a selection of 11 artists from Saatchi on line.London 2007
The studio " Art and you" Paris. 2007.
Oestraka gallery.Bernay France. 2005
Art Praha. Czech Republic. 2005
Réalités nouvelles Paris 2008/2007
Salon d'automne Paris 2007/2006/2001
Salon d'automne in Sarria. Spain. 2007
Salon Violet Paris 2009
Contemporary art in Viroflay 2008/2009
Itinéraires. Paris 2007/2006/2005
Biennal of the Black and white. La Garenne Colombes 2005
National society of fine arts Paris 2001